Arms Trophy To Winning Skipper

White Trophy To Winning Crew



Doug and Bob Schofield

Winners of the 2002 and 2003 Arms-White Regatta



Arms Trophy To Winning Skipper

White Trophy To Winning Crew


The Arms-White series is named after two sailors from the Central Long Island Sound Star fleet, John Taylor Arms and Elwood S. White. In 1937 John Arms donated the Arms Trophy and in 1942 the family of Elwood White donated the White Trophy for the winning crew of the Arms series. The series, originally known as the Noroton Race Week, was sailed out of the C.L.I.S. Fleet until 1969, and then was relocated to Mid-Conn in 1970. The historical account of the C.L.I.S. Fleet written in 1947 by Harold Nash has the following account:


                                                         NOROTON RACE WEEK


                In the Winter of 1936‑37, Mr. John Taylor Arms approached Paul Smart, Commodore of the Noroton Yacht Club and Harold Nash, Fleet Secretary, with a suggestion to inaugurate an open series in the early Summer.

                Mr. Arms offered to present a perpetual trophy for the event and to assist with the incidental prizes. His idea was that it should be a tuning‑up series of the three red chevron or Class C category; that it should always be held under the auspices of the C.L.I.S. with the Noroton Yacht Club as host.

                This idea received the sanction of the I.S.C.Y.R.A. and was held for the first time in 1937. The series was to consist of five races ending on the Sunday before July 4th.

                The response to this event was immediate and heartening. Forty‑two boats crossed the starting line, which was almost a record. Mr. Arms, whose son was then Fleet Captain for the fourth successive year, had taken a great interest in the class and hoped that the entry list would some day pass the 50 mark.

                To date, this goal has not been reached. In 1939 a peak entry list of 49 was attained but, due to the war, it fell off and reached a low of 23 in 1942. Due to the rationing of gasoline and other factors, it was considered to be a patriotic duty to discontinue the series in 1943 and 1944.

                Definite interest was shown by W.L.I.S. in the resumption of Noroton Race Week and one of the clubs in that district was considering an open Spring series in the event that C. L. L S. did not hold theirs.

                So, for the benefit of those who lived near by and who would enjoy the contest as a diversion from war duties, the series was raced in 1945 with war bonds and savings stamps as prizes. The entry list was short but it was considered to be entirely worth while.

                1946 dawned as the first year of peace when many of the boys were coming home and war restrictions were off. There were 27 starters, ten of which came from Western and Southern Long Island Sound and Great South Bay Fleets. The best C.L.I.S. could do against these invaders was a fifth place, E. W. Etchells and his wife from W.L.I.S. capturing the cup.

                In 1947 the entry list jumped to 48. Noroton Race Week had returned to form and it again looks possible to reach Mr. Arms' hope of seeing 50 contestants start together. Etchells and his wife again took first honors with three firsts out of the five races.

                This event has always been held in an atmosphere of informality, taking on the nature of a community house party. Entries from distant places are lodged in the dwellings of local residents; teas and supper parties are held both at the club and at private homes and a friendly spirit prevails throughout. While the best skippers fight hard for first honors, the others are glad of the opportunity to compete against such good sailors and to use the contest for the purpose Mr. Arms had in mind to tune their boats up for better performance in their local fleets during the Summer.

                Some skippers have suggested that a method be devised whereby the fleet is divided into two sections. It has generally been considered, however, that the large number of boats create a thrill that can only be had in such an informal event as this. Besides being an unsatisfactory compromise in many respects, such a division would deprive some members of racing against the boats which they want most to observe. So far, this thought has not been given serious consideration.

                Of the nine series held to date, Stan Ogilvy won three and Skip. Etchells two. W.L.I.S. has been able to take the cup seven times while C.L.I.S. kept it only twice. Peconic‑Gardiners Bay and Southern Long Island Sound Fleets each won a second place.

                In 1942, John Hazen White offered a perpetual trophy in memory of his father, Elwood S. White, who had acted as his faithful crew for many years. This trophy was to be presented to the crew of the winning boat of the Noroton Race Week each year. Blair Kinsman, jib‑sheet tender for Paul Smart, was the first to have his name engraved on this trophy. Since then, two women, Wilma Bell and Mary Etchells, have added their names.

                On the mornings of the regatta, special events such as Ladies, Junior and Crew Races were held. These added to the fun and interest of many who otherwise would have had to be content with watching or tending jib sheets.



Steve and Louise Andrews holding the Arms Steve and White Louise trophies after they won them in 1975. They won the series again in 1980.

Photo: 1976 Log


Past Winners

2004        8186        Erin                     J.A. MacCausland   Brian Fatih                             CR

2003        8131                                    Doug Schofield        Robert Schofield                  AN

2002        7876        Betsy Ross        Doug Schofield        Robert Schofield                  AN

2001        7988                                    Peter Bromby            Martin Siese                          Iso/BER

2000        8024        Erin                     J.A. MacCausland   George Iverson                     CR

1999        7847        Rosebud Cafe   John Safford             Joe Chambers                       CA

1998        7862                                    J.A. MacCausland   Kevin Murphy                      CR

1997        7862                                    J.A. MacCausland   George Iverson                     CR

1996        7782                                    Joe Zambella             Sokolich                                 BH

1995        7773                                    J.A. MacCausland   Robert MacCausland          CR

1994        7681                                    J.A. MacCausland   Robert MacCausland          CR

1993        7468                                    Ron Sandstrom         Dave O'Brien                         BH

1992        7261                                    J.A. MacCausland   Bresh                                      CR

1991        7468                                    Ron Sandstrom         Jeff Bresnahan                      BH

1990        7409                                    J.A. MacCausland   Todd Raynor                        CR

1989        7127                                    Andrew Menkart      Chris Rogers                         WS

1988                        Danger               Jack Button               John Densmore                    Mid

1987                        Zig Zag              Frank Zagarino         Bob Lippincott                     BisB

1986        6378                                    Ed Adams                  Tom Olsen                             NB

1985        6963                                    Ed Adams                  Tom Olsen                             NB

1984                        Renegade          J.A. MacCausland   Robert MacCausland          CR

1983                        Morning Star    Whit Batchelor         Wooodside                           Mid

1982        6052        Schaefer City    Jack Lombard            Bob Lombard                        Mid

1981                        Golden Eagle     J.A. MacCausland   Ricky. Pepiak                        CR

1980                        Rampage            Steve Andrews         Louise Andrews                   HB

1979                        Angel Clare       Peter Conrad             Allan Romfeldt                     Mid

1978                        Snowflake          James Allsopp          Beek                                       AN

1977                        Jitters                 James Allsopp          Allsopp                                  CB

1976                        Arriba                 Peter Beam                Phillip Beam                          SLIS

1975                        Rampage            Steve Andrews         Louise Andrews                   HB

1974                        C.R. Farquhar    Michael Flynn          George Flynn                        ELIS

1973                        One Over Par    Russell Bogie            Alexanderson                       SLG

1972                        Moody Blue      Steven Haarstick      A. Lippincott                        Ith

1971                        Guacharo           Peter Beam                Phillip Beam                          SLIS

1970                        Raison D'Etre    Whit Batchelor         McGivny                               Mid

1969                        Blue Moon        Steven Haarstick      Horton                                   Ith

1968                        Heather              Bill Lynn                    McWorter                             WLIS

1967                        Cymbal               E. Chester Peet         Mary Peet                              WLIS

1966                        Diablo                Richard Gordon        Mirk                                        Mid

1965                        Envy                   Kevin Jaffe                Wilson                                   CLIS

1964                        Storm                  Bruce                          Gaillard                                   WLIS

1963        4340        Aquarius           Mead Batchelor        Sumner                                   Mid

1962                        Shanty               Skip Etchells             Mary Etchells                       CLIS

1961        4125        Shandon            Skip Etchells             Gilchrist                                 CLIS

1960        3869        Sirene                 Ken Smith                  Swanton                                HB

1959        2700        Flame                  Stan Ogilvy               Stueck                                    WLIS

1958        3340        Kismet                Mead Batchelor        Tufts                                      Mid

1953        2700        Flame                  Stan Ogilvy               Bill Lynn                                WLIS

1952                        October              Bob Smith                  Bud Smith                              CLIS

1951        2700        Flame                  Stan Ogilvy               Johnson                                 WLIS

1950        2125        Shillalah             Skip Etchells             Mary Etchells                       CLIS

1949                        Wahini               Patrick O'Gorman      Donaldson                            WLIS

1948        2125        Shillalah             John White               Skip Etchells                         WLIS

1947        2125        Shillalah             Skip Etchells             Mary Etchells                       WLIS

1946        2125        Shillalah             Skip Etchells             Mary Etchells                       WLIS

1945                        Wahini               Arthur Knapp           Wilma Bell                             CLIS

1942        1310        Melody              Paul Smart                 Blair Kinsman                       CLIS

1941        1951        Phryne               Maxwell                                                                     WLIS

1940        1776        Spirit                   Stan Ogilvy                                                               WLIS

1939        1750        Reileen               W. McHugh                                                              CLIS

1938          626        Jay                      Stan Ogilvy                                                               WLIS

1937          626        Jay                      Stan Ogilvy                                                               WLIS