A bevy of beauties

at Larchmont Race Week, 1948

Star Crews all

Among the crew members on hand yesterday for Race Week competition were, from left to right: Margaret Hornidge, Pat Gullette, Wilma Bell, Betsy Parker, Sandra Woodworth and Jane Clark. (Newspaper clipping from the collection of Ann Franklin Beach)

Star sailors on Long Island Sound have a long history of sailing with mixed doubles teams beginning in the first year of 1911 when “Mom” Corry was a frequent crew for “Pop” Corry. The most famous of these teams was that of Skip and Mary Etchells, but several others come to mind, for example Art and Nancy Deacon. No records are available to show who these women crewed for at the Larchmont Race Week. However, in 1945 Wilma Bell crewed for Arthur Knapp at the Noroton Race Week (now called the Arms-White Regatta) and won the White Trophy. Sandra Woodworth is married to Douglas Campbell, Life Member # 4.