The History of the 1st District Championship and it Trophies


The first time the 1st District Championship was held was in 1925. At the time it was called the Atlantic Coast Championship because the series was raced for by boats from the entire Atlantic seaboard. The original trophy was called the Pandora Trophy. From 1925 to 1927 the trophy was awarded to the boat having the highest score in the last three races of the World's Championship by entries representing fleets on the Atlantic seaboard. The winner of the first Championship was Adrian Iselin, in Ace, #202. Iselin was to win the Championship again in 1945, once again using Ace, #202.


In 1928 the World's Championship went to Newport Harbor, California. Because of this, beginning in 1928 the Atlantic Coast Championship was held as a separate event, sometimes as a three and sometimes as a five race series.


In 1929 the Pandora Trophy was retired because it was won for the third time by a C.L.I.S. entrant. (A rather quaint custom from the old days!) Frederick T. Bedford, also of the C.L.I.S., immediately donated a new perpetual Atlantic Coast Championship Trophy to be raced for starting in 1930. This has since become the 1st District Championship Trophy. Incidentally, this is the same Bedford who donated the Bedford Pitcher.


In 1948 the 2nd District began to have its own District Championship, and from that time on the 1st District alone raced for the Atlantic Coast Championship Trophy.


2004    #7952  Kimmar               Ben Cesare (Mid)

2003    #7817  Southern Cross    Jacob Fiumara (CA)

2002    #7465  Kimmar               Ben Cesare (Mid)

2001    #7817  Southern Cross    Jacob Fiumara (CA)

2000    #7847                             John Safford (CA)

1999    #7728                             John Lombard (Mid)

1998    #7847                             John Safford (CA)

1997    #7604                             Chuyler Morris (CasB)

1996    Not Sailed

1995    #7324                             John Safford (CA)

1994    #7728                             Ron Sandstrom (BH)

1993    #7468                             Ron Sandstrom (BH)

1992    #7324                             John Safford (CA)

1991    #7506                             Howard Schiebler (NB)

1990    #7265                             Mahaney (NB)

1989    #7302                             Ed Adams (NB)

1988    Serendipity                      Bill Watson (CLIS)

1987    #6378                             Ed Adams (NB)

1986    #6378                             Ed Adams (NB)

1985    #6963                             Ed Adams (NB)

1984    U‑2                                 Bear Hovey (Mid)

1983    Bingo                              Mead Batchelor (Mid)

1982    Morning Star II                Whit Batchelor (Mid)

1981    Owl                                 Peter Costa (BH)

1980    Owl                                 Peter Costa (BH)

1979    #6348                             Matt Fisher (BH)

1978    Star of the Sea                 Joe Duplin (BH)

1977    Volare                             Joe Duplin (BH)

1976    Brillo                               Joe Zambella (BH)

1975    Arriba                             Peter Beam (SLIS)

1974    Star of the Sea                 Joe Duplin (BH)

1973    Sadalsuud                        Robert Webster (BH)

1972    Whippet                          Frank Egger (BH)

1971    Guacharo                        Alan Burtis (SLIS)

1970    Finesse                            Michael Flynn (ELIS)

1969    Guacharo                        Alan Burtis (SLIS)

1968    Heather                           Bill Lynn (WLIS)

1967    Tsunami                           Anson Beard (MorB)

1966    Hilarius                            Hilary Smart (CA)

1965    Tsunami                           Anson Beard (GSB)

1964    Desiree                            Herbert Hild (ERF)

1963    Flame                              Stan Ogilvy (WLIS)

1962    Vengeance III                  Wm. Gentzlinger (HB)

1961    Tsunami                           Anson Beard (GSB)

1960    Flame                              Stan Ogilvy (WLIS)

1959    Sonseeahray                    Joe Duplin (BH)

1958    Shannon                          Skip Etchells (CLIS)

1957    Shannon                          Skip Etchells (CLIS)

1956    Star of the Sea                 Joe Duplin (BH)

1955    Audion                            C.L. Farrand (CLIS)

1954    Vengeance                      Wm. Gentzlinger (HB)

1953    Desiree                            Herbert Hild (ERF)

1952    Mate                               Ted Clark (SLIS)

1951    Mate                               Ted Clark (SLIS)

1950    Armade                           Art Deacon (WLIS)

1949    2125    Shillalah               Skip Etchells (WLIS)

1948    2125    Shillalah               Skip Etchells (WLIS)

1947    Draco II                          Eddie Ketcham (GSB)

1946    Independence II              Charles Dominy (GSB)

1945    Ace                                 Adrian Iselin (SLIS)

1944    2125    Shillalah               Skip Etchells (WLIS)

1943    Gull                                 Horace Havemeyer (GSB)

1942    Chuckle V                       Harold Halsted (MorB)

1941    Fo Fo                              Bill Picken (GSB)

1940    Spirit                               Stan Ogilvy (WLIS)

1939    Migs                                Turner (WLIS)

1938    Jubilee                             Doc Atkin (WLIS)

1937    Jay                                  Stan Ogilvy (WLIS)

1936    Rhythm                            J. Abberley (CLIS)

1935    Chuckle                           Harold Halsted (MorB)

1934    Chuckle                           Harold Halsted (MorB)

1933    Moonshine                      Dave Atwater (NB)

1932    Moonshine                      Dave Atwater (NB)

1931    Moonshine                      Dave Atwater (NB)

1930    Okia II                            Joe Watkins (CLIS)

1929    Okia II                            Joe Watkins (CLIS)

1928    Colleen                            Fred Bedford (CLIS)

1927    Mackerel                         Harold Smith (ChB)

1926    Ardara                            Swing Starring (CLIS)

1925    Ace                                 Adrian Iselin (WLIS)





Arms Trophy To Winning Skipper

White Trophy To Winning Crew


The Arms-White series is named after two sailors from the C.L.I.S., John Taylor Arms and Elwood S. White. In 1937 John Arms donated the Arms Trophy and in 1942 the family of Elwood White donated the White Trophy for the winning crew of the Arms series. The series, originally known as the Noroton Race Week, was sailed out of the C.L.I.S. until 1969, and then was relocated to Mid-Conn in 1970. The historical account of the C.L.I.S. Fleet written in 1947 by Harold Nash has the following account:




            In the Winter of 1936‑37, Mr. John Taylor Arms approached Paul Smart, Commodore of the Noroton Yacht Club and Harold Nash, Fleet Secretary, with a suggestion to inaugurate an open series in the early Summer.

            Mr. Arms offered to present a perpetual trophy for the event and to assist with the incidental prizes. His idea was that it should be a tuning‑up series of the three red chevron or Class C category; that it should always be held under the auspices of the C.L.I.S. with the Noroton Yacht Club as host.

            This idea received the sanction of the I.S.C.Y.R.A. and was held for the first time in 1937. The series was to consist of five races ending on the Sunday before July 4th.

            The response to this event was immediate and heartening. Forty‑two boats crossed the starting line, which was almost a record. Mr. Arms, whose son was then Fleet Captain for the fourth successive year, had taken a great interest in the class and hoped that the entry list would some day pass the 50 mark.

            To date, this goal has not been reached. In 1939 a peak entry list of 49 was attained but, due to the war, it fell off and reached a low of 23 in 1942. Due to the rationing of gasoline and other factors, it was considered to be a patriotic duty to discontinue the series in 1943 and 1944.

            Definite interest was shown by W.L.I.S. in the resumption of Noroton Race Week and one of the clubs in that district was considering an open Spring series in the event that C.L.L.S. did not hold theirs.

            So, for the benefit of those who lived near by and who would enjoy the contest as a diversion from war duties, the series was raced in 1945 with war bonds and savings stamps as prizes. The entry list was short but it was considered to be entirely worth while.

            1946 dawned as the first year of peace when many of the boys were coming home and war restrictions were off. There were 27 starters, ten of which came from Western and Southern Long Island Sound and Great South Bay Fleets. The best C.L.I.S. could do against these invaders was a fifth place, E. W. Etchells and his wife from W.L.I.S. capturing the cup.

            In 1947 the entry list jumped to 48. Noroton Race Week had returned to form and it again looks possible to reach Mr. Arms' hope of seeing 50 contestants start together. Etchells and his wife again took first honors with three firsts out of the five races.

            This event has always been held in an atmosphere of informality, taking on the nature of a community house party. Entries from distant places are lodged in the dwellings of local residents; teas and supper parties are held both at the club and at private homes and a friendly spirit prevails throughout. While the best skippers fight hard for first honors, the others are glad of the opportunity to compete against such good sailors and to use the contest for the purpose Mr. Arms had in mind to tune their boats up for better performance in their local fleets during the Summer.

            Some skippers have suggested that a method be devised whereby the fleet is divided into two sections. It has generally been considered, however, that the large number of boats create a thrill that can only be had in such an informal event as this. Besides being an unsatisfactory compromise in many respects, such a division would deprive some members of racing against the boats which they want most to observe. So far, this thought has not been given serious consideration.

            Of the nine series held to date, Stan Ogilvy won three and Skip. Etchells two. W.L.I.S. has been able to take the cup seven times while C.L.I.S. kept it only twice. Peconic‑Gardiners Bay and Southern Long Island Sound Fleets each won a second place.

            In 1942, John Hazen White offered a perpetual trophy in memory of his father, Elwood S. White, who had acted as his faithful crew for many years. This trophy was to be presented to the crew of the winning boat of the Noroton Race Week each year. Blair Kinsman, jib‑sheet tender for Paul Smart, was the first to have his name engraved on this trophy. Since then, two women, Wilma Bell and Mary Etchells, have added their names.

            On the mornings of the regatta, special events such as Ladies, Junior and Crew Races were held. These added to the fun and interest of many who otherwise would have had to be content with watching or tending jib sheets.


2004    #8184  Erin              J.A. MacCausland     Brian Fatih              (CR)

2003    #8131                      Doug Schofield          Robert Schofield     (AN)

2002    #7876  Betsy Ross   Doug Schofield          Robert Schofield     (AN)

2001    #7988                      Peter Bromby            Martin Siese           (BER)

2000    #8024                      J.A. MacCausland     George Iverson       (CR)

1999    #7847                      John Safford              Joe Chambers        (CA)

1998    #7862                      J.A. MacCausland     Kevin Murphy        (CR)

1997    #7862                      J.A. MacCausland     George Iverson       (CR)

1996    #7782                      Joe Zambella             Sokolich                 (BH)

1995    #7773                      J.A. MacCausland     R. MacCausland     (CR)

1994    #7681                      J.A. MacCausland     R. MacCausland     (CR)

1993    #7468                      Ron Sandstrom          Dave O'Brien         (BH)

1992    #7261                      J.A. MacCausland     Bresh                     (CR)

1991    #7468                      Ron Sandstrom          Jeff Bresnahan        (BH)

1990    #7409                      J.A. MacCausland     Tod Raynor            (CR)

1989    #7127                      Andrew Menkart       Chris Rogers          (WS)

1988    Danger                     Jack Button               John Densmore       (Mid)

1987    Zig Zag                    Frank Zagarino          B. Lippincott          (BisB)

1986    #6378                      Ed Adams                 Tom Olsen             (NB)

1985    #6963                      Ed Adams                 Tom Olsen             (NB)

1984    Renegade                 J.A. MacCausland     R. MacCausland     (CR)

1983    Morning Star            Whit Batchelor          Wooodside            (Mid)

1982    Schaefer City           Jack Lombard           Bob Lombard         (Mid)

1981    Golden Eagle           J.A. MacCausland     R. Pepiah               (CR)

1980    Rampage                 Steve Andrews          Louise Andrews     (HB)

1979    Angel Clare              Peter Conrad             Allan Romfeldt        (Mid)

1978    Snowflake                James Allsopp           Beek                      (AN)

1977    Jitters                       James Allsopp           Allsopp                  (CB)

1976    Arriba                      Peter Beam               Phillip Beam           (SLIS)

1975    Rampage                 Steve Andrews          Louise Andrews     (HB)

1974    C.R. Farquhar          Michael Flynn            Goerge Flynn          (ELIS)

1973    One Over Par          Russell Bogie             Alexanderson         (SLG)

1972    Moody Blue             Steven Haarstick       A. Lippincott          (Ith)

1971    Guacharo                 Peter Beam               Phillip Beam           (SLIS)

1970    Raison D'Etre           Whit Batchelor          McGivny                (Mid)

1969    Blue Moon               Steven Haarstick       Horton                   (Ith)

1968    Heather                    Bill Lynn                    McWorter              (WLIS)

1967    Cymbal                    E. Chester Peet         Mary Peet              (WLIS)

1966    Diablo                      Richard Gordon         Mirk                       (Mid)

1965    Envy                        Kevin Jaffe                Wilson                    (CLIS)

1964    Storm                      Bruce                        Gaillard                  (WLIS)

1963    Aquarius                  Mead Batchelor         Sumner                   (Mid)

1962    Shanty                     Skip Etchells              Mary Etchells         (CLIS)

1961    Shandon                  Skip Etchells              Gilchrist                  (CLIS)

1960    Sirene                      Ken Smith                 Swanton                 (HB)

1959    Flame                      Stan Ogilvy                Stueck                    (WLIS)

1958    Kismet                     Mead Batchelor         Tufts                       (Mid)

1953    Flame                      Stan Ogilvy                Bill Lynn                 (WLIS)

1952    October                   Bob Smith                 Bud Smith              (CLIS)

1951    Flame                      Stan Ogilvy                Johnson                  (WLIS)

1950    Shillallah                   Skip Etchells              Mary Etchells         (CLIS)

1949    Wahini                     Patrick O'Gorman     Donaldson              (WLIS)

1948    Shillalah                   John White                Mary Etchells         (WLIS)

1947    Shillalah                   Skip Etchells              Mary Etchells         (WLIS)

1946    Shillalah                   Skip Etchells              Mary Etchells         (WLIS)

1945    Wahini                     Arthur Knapp            Wilma Bell              (CLIS)

1942    Melody                    Paul Smart                 Blair Kinsman         (CLIS)

1941    Phryne                     Maxwell                    (WLIS)

1940    Spirit                        Stan Ogilvy                (WLIS)

1939    Colleen                    W. McHugh              (CLIS)

1938    Jay                           Stan Ogilvy                (WLIS)

1937    Jay                           Stan Ogilvy                (WLIS)






In 1949 Frederick T. Bedford donated the Bedford Pitcher, once in actual use as the water pitcher on Wilson Marshall's 185-foot three-masted schooner Atlantic. An elaborate piece of solid silver, it is a meaningful symbol of the way of life of a bygone era as well as one of our finest trophies.


The Bedford Pitcher has been sailed for in various fleets. It started in C.L.I.S. Then for the years 1965 and 1966 it was sailed for in the W.L.I.S., and from 1967 to 1973 it was sailed for in the E.L.I.S. fleet. It made a big move when from 1974 to 1982 it was sailed for in BH fleet. In 1983 it was returned to the C.L.I.S. fleet.


2004    #7952  Mona Lisa           Peters Cusick (Mid)

2003    #7952  Kimmar               Ben Cesare (Mid)

2002    #7817  Southern Cross    Jake Fiumara (CA)

2001    #8062                             J.A. MacCausland (CR)

2000    #7371                             Peter Cusick (Mid)

1999    #7936                             J.A. MacCausland (CR)

1998    #7741                             J. Vanderhoff (NCB)

1997    #7862                             J.A. MacCausland (CR)

1996    #7566                             Elliott Oldak (AN)

1995    #7784                             Petter Bromby (ISOL)

1994    #7681                             J.A. MacCausland (CR)

1993    Stars 'N Snipes                Ron Sandstrom (BH)

1992    Stars 'N Snipes                Ron Sandstrom (BH)

1991    #7468                             Ron Sandstrom (BH)

1990    Rosebud Cafe                 John Safford (CA)

1989    Rosebud Cafe                 John Safford (CA)

1988    Rosebud Cafe                 John Safford (CA)

1987    Eight Ball                         Steven Ulian (BH)

1986    Praline                             E. Peters Jr (WS)

1985    Good Night Irene            Bear Hovey (Mid)

1983    W. Dream                       Zoltan Gyarfas (Mid)

1982    Stormy Petrel                  Ronald Lange (HB)

1981    Brillo                               Joe Zambella (BH)

1980    Night Light                      Gary MacDonald (BH)

1979    Brillo                               Joe Zambella (BH)

1978    Owl                                 Peter Costa (BH)

1977    Night Light                      Gary MacDonald (BH)

1976    Star of the Sea                 Joe Duplin (BH)

1975    Star of the Sea                 Joe Duplin (BH)

1973    Hayaku                           Jack Lombard (Mid)

1972    Rampage                         Steve Andrews (HB)

1971    Gaucharo                        Alan Burtis (SLIS)

1970    Shadow III                      James Allsopp (ELIS)

1969    Finesse                            Michael Flynn (ELIS)

1968    Finesse                            Michael Flynn (ELIS)

1967    Diablo                             Richard Gordon (Mid)

1966    Diablo                             Richard Gordon (Mid)

1965    Shandry                           Skip Etchells (CLIS)

1964    Bergerac                         Joseph Burbeck (GSB)

1963    Desiree                            Herbert Hild (ERF)

1962    Tackless                          Jack Goddard (CA)

1961    Shandon                          Skip Etchells (CLIS)

1960    Desiree                            Herbert Hild (ERF)

1959    Kismet                            Mead Batchelor (Mid)

1958    Shaughnessy                    Skip Etchells (CLIS)

1957    Dingo                              Ding Schoonmaker (FIS)

1956    Dingo                              Ding Schoonmaker (FIS)

1955    Chuckle                           Harold Halsted (MorB)

1954    Shannon                          Skip Etchells (CLIS)

1953    Shannon                          Skip Etchells (CLIS)

1952    Antares                           Skip Etchells (CLIS)

1951    Shillalah                           Skip Etchells (CLIS)

1950    Shillalah                           Skip Etchells (CLIS)

1949    Flame                              Stan Ogilvy (WLIS)





(Based on information supplied by Martha Safford)


Edward N. Hay was a member of the Cape Ann Star fleet. He sailed with his wife Doris Hay. Their last boat was 3110, Dody, and was pictured in the 1954 North American Championship program in an advertisement for Watts Sails. His management consultant firm frequently placed advertising in the Log until his death in 1958.


Ned Hay was the honorary chairman of 1954 of North Americans held by the Cape Ann fleet. One of the nice touches of this North Americans was the use of paintings as trophy prizes.


Soon after his death Doris Hay donated the Ned Hay Trophy which held its first regatta in 1959. Another long-time Cape Ann fleet member, Paul Woodbury, was the winner of this first regatta.


In 1987 Hilary Smart donated copies of a lithograph of boats in front of the Sandy Bay Y.C. to be used as a prize for winning the trophy. This print was used as one of the prizes in the 1954 North Americans. Martha Safford helped Hilary by getting involved in choosing other art work as prizes for the Ned Hay Memorial that year, and that is how the tradition of having art work for prizes at the Ned Hay began. Later, Hilary Smart donated his brother Paul's watercolors to be used for this purpose, and Martha still has 20 of these left. Other noted Rockport artists such as Arthur Knauth, a former Star sailor, and Betty Lou Schlemm, have also donated prints.


2004    #7952  Kimmar               Ben Cesare (Mid)

2003    #7817  Southern Cross    Jake Fiumara (CA)

2002    #7847  Rosebud Cafe     John Safford (CA)

2001    #8056                             J.A. MacCausland (CR)

2000    #7621                             Peter Costa (BH)

1999    not held

1998    #7604                             Terry Neilson (CA)

1997    #7862                             J.A. MacCausland (CR)

1996    #7628                             Kevin McNeil (AN)

1995    #7628                             Kevin McNeil (AN)

1994    #7468                             Andy Ivey (Sun)

1993    #7681                             J.A. MacCasuland (CR)

1992    #7468                             Ron Sandstrom (BH)

1991    #7468                             Ron Sandstrom (BH)

1990    Rosebud Cafe                 John Safford (CA)

1989    Supersuperfindus             Ed Adams (NB)

1988    Rosebud Cafe                 John Safford (CA)

1987    Little Feat                        Andy Ivey (Sun)

1985    #6378                             Anthony Herrmann (NB)

1984    U‑2                                 Bear Hovey (Mid)

1982    Hilarius                            Hilary Smart (CA)

1981    Sister of Mercy                Peter Conrad (Mid)

1980    Brillo                               Joe Zambella (BH)

1979    #4985                             Peter Conrad (Mid)

1978    #5460                             Joe Zambella (BH)

1977    Hilarius                            Hilary Smart (CA)

1976    Star of the Sea                 Joe Duplin (BH)

1975    Arriba                             Peter Beam (SLIS)

1974    Sadalsund                        Webster (BH)

1972    Gadfly                             Doherty (CA)

1971    None Yet                        Steve Andrews (HB)

1969    Tackless                          Jack Goddard (CA)

1967    Tackless                          Jack Goddard (CA)

1966    Star of the Sea                 Joe Duplin (BH)

1965    Shandry                           Skip Etchells (CLIS)

1964    Envy                                Kevin Jaffe (CLIS)

1963    Mavourneen                    Hartwell Moore (HB)

1962    Aquarius                          Mead Batchelor (Mid)

1961    Star of the Sea                 Joe Duplin (BH)

1959    Flamingo IV                    Paul Woodbury (CA)





(based on conversation with Mead Batchelor


Don Spengler, commodore of the Milford Y.C., started the Nutmeg Regatta which was first sailed in 1952. The trophy was named after the state's nickname. The enthusiasm of the growing Mid-Conn fleet brought trophy into existence. The original trophy was very nice. However, it disappeared after one of the early regattas. It was then replaced by present trophy.


When the Nutmeg Regatta began the Mid-Conn fleet was wet-sailed. Thus, originally the visiting boats sailed out of oyster docks across the river from club. A crane was brought in for the regatta to launch the visiting boats. The club members put together a temporary dock on beach where hoists now are for the visiting boats to tie up to.


2004    Not sailed due to hurricane Ivan

2003    8113    J.A. MacCausland        Brad Nichol                  CR

2002    8086    J.A. MacCausland        Sean Delaney               CR

2001    7565    Jack Button                  Chris Batchelor             Mid

2000    7728    John Lombard              Kip Gardner                 Mid

1999    7964    J.A. MacCausland        Roger Sharp                 CR

1998    7585    Jock Kohlhas               Jason Hastings              BisB

1997    7862    J.A. MacCausland        George Iverson             CR

1996    7862    J.A. MacCausland        George Iverson             CR

1995    7775    Paul Cayard                 George Iverson             SDB

1994    6868    Peter Cusick                 Chris Bowne                Mid

1993    7681    J.A. MacCausland        Bob MacCausland        CR

1992    7119    John Rokosz                 Rich Kilfoyle                 BH

1991    7163    Whit Batchelor             Jon Kachmar                Mid

1990    6984    Dick Hovey                  --                                 Mid

1989    7302    Ed Adams                    George Iverson             NB

1988    7220    David Burger                David Szymanski          Mid

1987    7210    Andrew Menkart          Chris Rogers                WS

1986    7055    Bear Hovey                  Mark Wentworth          Mid

1985    6984    Bear Hovey                  Niel Foley                    Mid

1984    6378    Bear Hovey                  Ralph Curd                   Mid

1983    6687    Zoltan Gyarfas              L. Bodick                     Mid

1982    6505    Charles Corbishley       Art Littleton                  Ith

1981    6022    Wally Sigler                  Bud Converse              Mid

1980    6637    Steve Andrews             Louise Andrews           HB

1979    6505    Charles Corbishley       T. Allen                        Ith

1978    6029    Mead Batchelor            Joan Batchelor              Mid

1977    5762    Kirk Reynolds              --                                 Ith

1976    4286    Peter Beam                  Phil Beam                     Mid

1975    5407    Steve Andrews             Louise Andrews           HB

1974    5727    Chick Rollins                George Flynn                SDB

1973    not reported

1972    5522    Steve Haarstick            A. Lippincott                Ith

1971    4370    Jack Lombard              R. Lombard                  Mid

1970    4813    Wally Sigler                  R. Sigler                       Mid

1969    4844    Michael Flynn               George Flynn                ELIS

1968    4754    Jack Goddard              Jeff Goddard                CA

1967    4754    Jack Goddard              J. Hultman                    CA

1966    4905    Hilary Smart                 John Weston                CA

1965    4840    Herbert Hild                 --                                 ERF

1964    4825    Skip Etchells                 --                                 CLIS

1963    4646    Joseph Burbeck            B. Nicholls                   WLIS

1962    4159    Robert Wilson              J. Chambers                 ERF

1961    4132    George Voss                Art Gustafson               WLIS

1960    4125    Skip Etchells                 --                                 CLIS

1959    4125    Skip Etchells                 --                                 CLIS

1958    2648    Harold Halsted             --                                 MorB

1957    3861    Joseph Burbeck            --                                 GSB

1956    3125    Skip Etchells                 --                                 CLIS

1955    3375    Wm. Gentzlinger           --                                 HB

1954    3188    Lippincott                     --                                 WJ

1953    2705    Harold Halsted             Ernest Pfrunder             MorB

1952    2700    Stan Ogilvy                   Bill Lynn                       WLIS






This regatta was started in 1995 by the 1st District to give the older members of the District a chance to sail against the best in their age group. Awards are given to the first and second place winners in four categories: Master (50‑59), Grand Master (60‑69), Exalted Grand Master (70‑79) and Venerable Exalted Grand Master (80 and above). We are still waiting to determine the name for the 90 and above category. Hurry up and get there so we can invent something!


2004    8181    Larry Whipple              Mark Strube                 PS

2003    7313    Tom Price                    Will Wagner                 AN

2002    7732    Gary MacDonald          Serge Leonidov            BH

2001    7565    Jack Button                  Chris Batchelor             Mid

2000    7765    Bill Allen                       Ken Allen                     WH

1999    7565    Jack Button                  Chris Batchelor             Mid

1998    7657    Bill Watson                   David Chord                CLIS

1997    7565    Jack Button                  Chris Batchelor             Mid

1996    7192    David Cook                 Bill Falcone                  Sun

1995    7504    Russ Brooks                 Felix Hafen                   HB






2004    7371    Steve Andrews             Ailene Rogers               HB

1998    7371    Ken Smith                    Chris Arleo                   HB

1997    7475    George Kalfa                Mark Swanson             HB

1996    7504    Russ Brooks                 Fred Losen                   HB

1995    7504    Russ Brooks                 Felix Hafen                   HB

1994    7504    Russ Brooks                 Tom Peterson               HB

1993    6756    Steve Andrews             Louise Andrews           HB

1992    6687    Ken Smith                    Chris Arleo                   HB

1991    6756    Steve Andrews             Louise Andrews           HB






Sponsored by the Boston Harbor Fleet, CPYC Winthrop Massachusetts


The Skippers choice Regatta was started as a way to promote Star Sailing in the Boston Area. To be eligible to skipper, one must never have skippered a Star in any race previously. Owners crew in their own boats and are encouraged to find people interested in trying to sail a Star to come and skipper. If there are more skippers than boats, a round robin series will be held with Skippers changing places between races so that everyone has a chance to sail.


The Skippers Choice is not limited to Boston Boats. Members of all fleets are encouraged to bring their boats along with prospective Star sailors. Its a way to take a prospective new fleet member to a Star Regatta where he can compete on equal terms.


2001    6767    Mark Lindsey               John Fox                      BH

1999    7782    Russell Robinson          Kurt Larson                  BH






The JFK regatta was started by Marina Bay in Boston Harbor in about 1985 to honor the late President Kennedy. It is an all fleets regatta (PHRF, One Design and etc.) an a great place to showcase the Star class to other sailors. Cottage Park YC began sponsoring the regatta in the early 90's. John F. Kennedy and his brother Joe competed in the Star Class on both Long Island and Nantucket Sounds.


2004    8052    Steve Braverman          Ron Rezac                    BH

2001    7732    Gary MacDonald          Howard Davis              BH


1999    7836    Terry Nielsen                Doug Brophy                BH

1992-1998: not reported

1991    7468    Ron Sandstrom             Jeff Bresnahan              BH






Sponsored by the Boston Harbor Fleet, CPYC Winthrop Massachusetts


The Secretary's cup came about as a replacement for the Bedford Pitcher. The Boston Harbor Fleet ran the Bedford Pitcher regatta for a period in the early 80's when the C.L.I.S. fleet was inactive. When the C.L.I.S. fleet reactivated, Boston Harbor returned the trophy. Marshall Brown, who was the District Secretary at the time, donated a trophy which was his grandfather's to Boston Harbor for our regatta and the Secretary's cup was born.


The Secretary's Cup is run in conjunction with the Make A Wish Regatta for which proceeds go to the Make a Wish Foundation Charity. The MAW was organized by Joe Zambella, our new Continental Vice President. In 1999, the MAW Regatta raised over $22,000 for charity.




2000    7621    Peter Costa                  Jessica Costa                BH

1999    7728    John Lombard              Mike Whitford              Mid

1997-1998: not reported

1996    7168    Jay Spalding                                                     NB

1995    7728    Ron Sandstrom             Brett James                  BH

1994    7728    Ron Sandstrom             --                                 BH

1993    7681    J.A. MacCausland        Eric Beckwith               CR

1992    not reported

1991    7468    Ron Sandstrom             Jeff Bresnahan              BH

1990    not reported

1989    7349    Peter Costa                  Chris Lanza                  BH

1988    6911    Gary MacDonald          Dave Winkler               CLIS

1987    7265    J.A MacCausland         Bob MacCausland        CR

1986    6474    Bear Hovey                  Neal Foley                   Mid





Sponsored by the Great South Bay Fleet, Babylon New York


Bill Picken was a legend in his time on the Great South Bay. His sailing career started in the early twenties. He was Commodore of the Sayville Yacht Club in 1927 and raced an Interclub named The Phantom. After Interclubs, his interest turned to the Timberpoint class and his Come Seven won many races. However, after meeting and becoming friendly with "Pop" Corry, the Star Boat was the ultimate boat for him.


Bill had two Stars; the High Seas and the Fo‑Fo. After winning the elimination series on the Great South Bay during the late 1930's and early 1940's, he represented the GSB fleet in the World's in Cuba, San Diego, and Chicago. In September of 1941 he defeated such noted Star skippers as Paul Shields, Carl Pflug, Harold Halsted, and William Foster to win the Atlantic Coast Championship held by the Eastchester Bay Yacht Racing Association.


During the years 1937 to 1941, Bill served as President of the Great South Bay Yacht Racing Association, and as Commodore of the Bay Shore Yacht Club in 1938 and then again in 1943.


Upon his death in July of 1947, a group of his friends formed a trophy committee consisting of Ted Everitt, Harold Pearson, Charles Dominy, and Joseph Forrington to purchase a trophy to be named in his memory in recognition of his many years of active sailing on Great South Bay and other waters. It was decided to hold this memorial series over Labor Day in Bellport as this was one of Bill's favorite events.


The Stars raced for this trophy for a number of years, but as Stars began to disappear from the bay the series was abandoned until 1992 when Mr. Jay Graham revived the event. Bill's son, Wiiliam H. Picken III and Charles Dominy heard of the new interest in the series and were instrumental in locating and retrieving the original bowl from the Suffolk County Marine Museum. The first of the current races for the revived Picken Bowl was held in August of 1992 at Babylon Yacht Club and has continued to be held every year since. The winner of this inaugural revived Picken Memorial Regatta was, fittingly enough Bill's nephew, Bud Picken of the Tampa Bay Star fleet. The sailing of this event every year played an important part in the eventual revival of the Great South Bay Star fleet in 1996.


On September 23, 1938 a silver cocktail shaker was given to Bill Picken, having the following inscription which sums up his sailing career:


Presented to

William H. Picken, Jr.

A Great Commodore

An Honored Friend

A Real Salt Water Sailor

By The Officers of The Bay Shore Yacht Club

Written and submitted to Jay Graham 8/10/92 by:

William H. Picken III, Florence M. Picken, and Emma Picken Lichtenberger




Yr. (entries) No. Name             Fleet     Skipper               Crew


1999 (7) 7371 Sirene               HB       Ken Smith           Chris Arleo

1998 (9) 7371 Sirene               HB       Ken Smith           Chris Arleo

1997 (9) 7051 Chuckle            GSB     Randy Pfrunder   Dave Fennell

1996 (7) 7133 Fat Heads         LH       Brian Murphy      Kevin Murphy

1995 (8) 7504 Ranger III         HB       Russell Brooks    Felix Hafen

1994 (8) 7371 Sirene               HB       Ken Smith           Chris Arleo

1993 (8) 6756 Suter's Mill        HB       Steve Andrews    Louise Andrews

1992 (9) 7330 Feather             TaB      Bud Picken          Joe Hayden

1966‑1991                               Not Competed For

1965 (12) 3932 Twin Bill         MorB   J.J. Egan              J.K. Rowley

1964 (14) 3932 Twin Bill         MorB   J. Danes              J.J. Egan

1963 (26) 4548 Chuckle          MorB   H.C. Halsted       E. Pfrunder

1962 (21) 4331 Grenadier        HB       C.N. Findlay       R. Crump

1961 (23) 4370 Tsunami          GSB     A.M. Beard Jr.    L. Orr

1960 (23) 3940 Flame             WLIS   C.S. Ogilvy         J. McIlwain

1959 (39) 3977 Heather           WLIS   W.H. Lynn Jr.     R.G. Sears

1958 (33) 4025 Shaugnessy     CLIS    E.W. Etchells       M. Etchells

1957 (37) 3860 Wassum          MorB   J.C. Snedecker    W.A. King

1956 (36) 2700 Flame             WLIS   C.S. Ogilvy         R. Fritz

1955 (25) 3648 Chuckle          MorB   H.C. Halsted       E. Pfrunder

1954 (38) 2705 Chuckle          MorB   H.C. Halsted       E. Pfrunder

1953 (43) 3125 Shannon          CLIS    E.W. Etchells       M. Etchells

1952 (25) 2705 Chuckle          MorB   H.C. Halsted       E. Pfrunder

1951 (37) 3125 Shannon          CLIS    E.W. Etchells       M. Etchells

1950 (23) 2125 Shillalah          CLIS    E.W. Etchells       M. Etchells

1949 (22) 2125 Shillalah          CLIS    E.W. Etchells       M. Etchells

1948 (20) 2010 Armade          WLIS   A. Deacon           C. Dominy


In addition to the winners listed above, many other famous Star Sailors competed for the Picken Bowl over the years. Among these were Durward Knowles, Hilary Smart, Duarte Bello, Herb Hild, Charlie Ulmer, and Ed Ketcham. That these names include Gold and Silver Star winners as well as Olympic medalists is indicative of the Picken Bowl's place in Star Class history.






1998    not reported

1997    7475    George Kalfa                Mark Swanson             HB

1996    not reported

1995    7504    Russ Brooks                 Felix Hafen                   HB

1994    6687    L.G. Cole                     George Kalfa                HB

1993    6756    Steve Andrews             Louise Andrews           HB

1992    6756    Steve Andrews             Louise Andrews           HB

1991    7261    Bud Picken                   Joe Hayden                  TaB

1990    7504    Sam Brooks                 Russ Brooks                 HB

1989    not reported

1988    6911    Gary MacDonald          Gary MacDonald Jr.     CLIS

1986-1987: not reported

1985    6767    Russ Brooks                 D. Kirkpatrick              HB

1984    5732    L.G. Cole                     B. Lassanka                 HB

1983    6084    Ronald Lange               --                                 HB

1982    5144    L.G. Cole                     --                                 HB

1981    6084    Ronald Lange               Robert Parker              HB

1980    4555    Russ Brooks                 P. Brooks                     HB

1979    5407    Steve Andrews             Louise Andrews           HB

1978    6022    Peter Beam                  Phillip Beam                 Mid

1977    4776    James Byrne                 L.G. Cole                     HB

1976    4286    Peter Beam                  Phillip Beam                 SLIS

1975    5407    Steve Andrews             Louise Andrews           HB

1974    5407    Steve Andrews             Louise Andrews           HB

1973    5728    Bill Burtis                      Tom Attridge                SLIS

1972    5144    Rolf Carlsen                 Yacoe / Shope             SLIS

1971    5728    Bill Burtis                      Peter Beam                  SLIS

1970    4555    Russ Brooks                 C. Alex                        HB

1969    4555    Russ Brooks                 P. Brooks                     HB

1968    5257    Bill Moss                      Cooper                        ELIS

1967    4523    Richard Gordon            W. Sigler                      Mid

1966    4870    Anson Beard                --                                 GSB

1965    4870    Anson Beard                --                                 GSB

1964    4675    Wm. Gentzlinger           --                                 HB

1963    4580    Robert Sexauer            --                                 ERF

1962    4540    Herbert Hild                 --                                 ERF

1961    4331    Charles Findley             --                                 HB

1960    3869    Ken Smith                    --                                 HB

1959    3889    Mel Foley                     --                                 Mid

1958    3712    Robert Sexauer            --                                 ERF

1957    3648    Harold Halsted             --                                 MorB

1956    2700    Stan Ogilvy                   --                                 WLIS

1955    3648    Harold Halsted             --                                 MorB

1954    3484    P. Marriner                   --                                 --

1953    3375    Wm. Gentzlinger           J. Moore                      HB





In 1915 the first Captain Island long distance race was sailed. For many years the course started in Manhasset Bay, came out into the Sound, up to Great Captain Island, and thence back into Manhasset Bay. It was a real all-day affair. Later the course was considerably shortened to start and finish off Hempstead Harbor. It has been sailed every year since 1915 with one exception, 1926, when they ran out of prizes. The cup, which had been retired, was rededicated the following year. In 1991 this stands as the oldest continuous annual race ever held for any class anywhere, although interest in the race has waned because of minimal local Star sailing at present in this area, the birthplace of the Stars. (From Ogilvy's History)


(Sea Cliff Y.C.)


1989-present: not sailed

1988    Outrageous          Tom Attridge (SLIS)

1987    Catherine             John Dawson (SLIS)

1986    Outrageous          Tom Attridge (SLIS)

1985    White Knight       Bob Laudenschlager (SLIS)

1983    Bleep Too           Tom Attridge (SLIS)

1982    Bleep Too           Tom Attridge (SLIS)

1981    Bleep Too           Tom Attridge (SLIS)

1980    Sweetness           Carlsen (SLIS)

1979    Bleep                  Tom Attridge (SLIS)

1978    Outrageous          Saltz (SLIS)

1977    Wild Goose         Alan Burtis (SLIS)

1976    Zip                      Granberg (SLIS)

1974    Stella d'Oro         Shaper (SLIS)

1973    Arriba                 Peter Beam (SLIS)

1972    Mimi                   Alan Pritchard (SLIS)

1971    Sweetness           Carlsen (SLIS)

1970    Old Sol               Walden (SLIS)

1969    Guacharo            Alan Burtis (SLIS)

1968    Guacharo            Peter Beam (SLIS)

1967    Cymbal               E. Chester & Mary Peet (WLIS)

1966    Old Sol               Walden (WLIS)

1965    Sabre                  Slack (CLIS)

1964    Tsunami               Anson Beard (GSB)

1963    Mephisto             Slater (WLIS)

1962    Flame                  Stan Ogilvy (WLIS)

1961    Scimitar               Slack (CLIS)

1960    Capstar               Nichols (WLIS)

1959    Flame                  Stan Ogilvy (WLIS)

1958    Blizzard               Wilson (ERF)

1957    Ondine                Jewett (WLIS)

1956    Flame                  Stan Ogilvy (WLIS)

1955    Flame                  Stan Ogilvy (WLIS)

1954    Que Pasa            Walden (WLIS)

1953    Armade               Art Deacon (WLIS)

1952    Cygnet                Owen Torrey (CLIS)

1951    October              Bob Smith (CLIS)

1950    Armade               Art Deacon(WLIS)

1949    Lynx                    Ted Clark (SLIS)

1948    Flame                  Stan Ogilvy (WLIS)

1947    Shillalah               Skip Etchells (WLIS)

1946    Shillalah               Skip Etchells (WLIS)

1945    Shillalah               Skip Etchells (WLIS)

1944    Shillalah               Skip Etchells (WLIS)

1943    Armade               Art Deacon (WLIS)

1942    Spirit                   Stan Ogilvy (WLIS)

1941    Concubine           de Marigny (N)

1940    Rascal                 Frank Campbell (WLIS)

1939    Foo                     Hunter (WLIS)

1938    Foo                     Hunter (WLIS)

1937    Jay                      Stan Ogilvy (WLIS)

1936    Jay                      Stan Ogilvy (WLIS)

1935    Shucks                John White (WLIS)

1934    Sunny                  Smith (WLIS)

1933    Jubilee                 Doc Atkin (WLIS)

1932    Grey Fox             McMichael (WLIS)

1931    Joy                      Colin Ratsey (SO)

1930    Joy                      Colin Ratsey (SO)

1929    Joy                      Colin Ratsey (SO)

1928    Joy                      Colin Ratsey (SO)

1927    Vega                   Duncan Sterlinig (WLIS)

1925    Altair                   Ed Willis (WLIS)

1924    Themis                Van Winkle (WLIS)

1923    California             Ben Weston (SoCal)

1922    Dawning              George Elder (WLIS)

1921    Taurus                 Bill Inslee (LI)

1920    Aquila                 Gordon Curry (LI)

1919    Altair                   Ed Willis (LI)

1918    Altair                   Ed Willis (LI)

1917    Little Dipper        George Corry (LI)

1916    Altair                   Ed Willis (LI)

1915    Little Dipper        George Corry (LI)