Star Class Historical Material:



Stars through the years...


Rudder Magazine on Stars, December, 1911


Class Histories from:

         1922 Log

        1931 Log

        1941 Log

        1951 Log

        1961 and 1971 Logs

        1986 Starlights


History of the Arms-White Regatta 

History of the Nutmeg Trophy

History of the North Americans


History of Star Class Results:

        History of the Results of the World Championships

        History of the Results of the North American's

        History of the Results of the Olympics


Pictorial History of The Star Class:

           Pictorial History, 1911- Present


Starlights Articles:
        Check your keel by Paul Bogataj
Paul Henderson (Starlights, January, 1995)

        Powering up by Mark Reynolds
        Reflections of a Star Apprentice
by Paul Henderson
Retrofitting the jib halyard by John A. MacCausland

        Sail Area Reduction Report by Bill Buchan & Vince Brun
        Secretary's Reports (Starlights, March, 1998 & April, 1998)

        Some Thoughts on Upwind Speed by Bill Buchan

        Some Tips by Bill Buchan
        Starboat Masts by Richard Gates

        Starlights, April-May, 1924

        Tuning and Techniques by Malin Burham

        Tuning to Win by Lowell North


Star Class Literature and Articles:

        "Little but Perfect" by Walter von Hutschler


Star Class I.G.C., C.M.C. and Annual Meeting Minutes:

        26 August, 1967 Annual Meeting

        2 August, 1979 IGC & Annual Meeting

        10 December, 1994 AdComm Meeting

        6 September, 1996 AdComm Meeting

        9 November, 1996 IGC Meeting

        7 December, 1996 AdComm Meeting

        15 March, 1997 AdComm Meeting

        7 June, 1997 AdComm Meeting

        3-4-5 September, 1997 IGC, CMC & Annual Meetings

        31 January, 1998 CMC (See also other)